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​L E G I S L A T I O N

As Cook County Commissioner of the 4th District I am dedicated to advancing sound public policy initiatives that ensure transparency, sufficiency, and most of all accountability to the people of Cook County.  I am fully committed to serving on legislative committees. I believe that my committee assignments reflect my strong passion for community and economic development and embrace my extensive and diverse experience in public service, philanthropy, and the private sector. I have been assigned to the following committees:


  • Board of Commissioners: Capital Improvements, Contract Compliance, Criminal Justice, Finance, Real Estate & Business & Economic Development, Health & Hospital, Zoological and Workers’ Compensation.


  • Forest Preserve District Board of Commissioners: Botanic Garden, Capital Development, Contract Compliance, Finance, Legislative and Intergovernmental Relatons, Real Estate, Workers’ Compensation, and Zoological.



Homeland Security and Emergency Management

  • I supported legislation to increase funding for the Urban Areas Security Initiative and the Cook County Emergency Management Performance Grant, which helps state and local governments sustain and enhance emergency management capabilities as well as mitigate the effects of acts of terrorism.


  • Co-sponsored a measure to help implement the Community Emergency Response Program, which educates county residents about disaster preparedness and train them in basic disaster response skills.


  • Helped advance an initiative that provides needed resources for the Cook County Multi-Jurisdictional All Hazards Mitigation Plan. The objective of the plan is to conduct a threat risk assessment for all of Cook County.



Infrastructure and Economic Development

  • Co-sponsored a resolution to maintain the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds, which fund local infrastructure and economic development projects, such as the development of primary and secondary schools, hospitals, water/sewer facilities roads/highways/streets, public power projects, and mass transit.


  • Approved a request for Federal HOME Investment Partnership Program loans to assist in the construction of 100 plus units of low-income housing in the Cook County south suburban region.


  • Co-Sponsored a resolution recognizing Cook County’s acceptance of Federal Housing and Urban Development financing to launch the Broaden Urban Investment to Leverage Transportation (BUILT) Cook Loan Fund Initiative. The BUILT initiative will support sustainable economic development for the benefit of low and moderate income individuals. BUILT projects will be transit-oriented, mixed-use developments within a half-mile of passenger rail; cargo-oriented projects near freight rail lines and terminals; and mixed-use hospitality/service sector projects near transit lines.


  • Supported several construction initiatives to improve the infrastructure at Cook County Facilities. Most notable are capital projects at Oak Forest Hospital, the Department of Corrections Campus, and John Stroger Hospital.


  • Helped advance legislation to allow several capital projects to be completed through Cook County’s Job Order Contract (JOC) Program. The JOC program is an initiative to streamline the procurement process to facilitate construction related projects.


  • Approved millions of dollars for transportation improvements (Motor Fuel Tax Projects). These projects include infrastructure enhances such as installation of sidewalks, lighting improvements, landscaping services, road resurfacing, and sewer and drainage repairs. Motor Fuel Tax Funds also finance construction engineering services and transportation research, including the development of Cook County’s Long Range Transportation Plan.



Fairness and Accountability

  • Co-Sponsored a resolution to recognize the end of discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing (especially for minorities who were often denied housing choice in certain areas).


  • Voted to further Fair Housing for the people of Cook County by extending Source of Income Protection to Housing Choice Voucher Holders. This measure makes it illegal in Cook County for landlords to discriminate against potential tenants based upon their section-8 voucher status.


  • Supported a measure to audit Cook County’s utility and telecommunications bill. As a result, Cook County’s natural gas, electricity, water, and telecommunications bills will be reviewed over the last two years.


  • Co-Sponsored a resolution to reinforce that the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (CCDTH) will make available to the public, a report detailing all county bridges, inspections and plans for repair and replacement. In addition, CCDTH will make public its policy on bridge inspection schedules to provide clarity on Cook County’s infrastructures and its commitment to safety.


  • Helped pass legislation to conduct a disparity study regarding the Cook County procurement process. Data collected from the study will provide the County with a reliable availability and disparity analysis to provide validity to the County’s Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise Program.  In addition, the study will shed light on best practices in the field and will be conducted for Cook County Government including Cook County Health and Hospital Systems and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.


  • Supported a measure for Cook County to receive a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency to provide continued operation of Cook County’s fine particle pollution monitoring process. The collection of samples and analysis will determine the level of particle pollution in Cook County.

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